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Category: Property Management

3 College Housing Options

College marks a major turning point in many people’s lives. Between the study-intensive lifestyle and new living arrangements, students have plenty to deal with. And any student who chooses to live on campus or nearby has to contend with finding suitable housing options too. Looking…

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3 Summertime Features for Your Properties

Marketing and advertising efforts must adapt to different seasons as people’s immediate needs change. Your property is no exception! Potential renters in the late summer and early autumn are sure to look twice at a location designed to appeal to them. Are your rental properties ready…

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Different Types of Receiverships in Real Estate

With many small businesses experiencing a decline in earnings, many business owners are having to resort to receivership. That being said, what one company encounters may not look the same for another. In real estate, understanding the different types of receivership is crucial when preparing for…

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5 Signs of a Good Property Management Company

There are multiple factors that make a property management stand out from the others. When considering new management for your commercial or multifamily property, it’s important to know what qualities matter. By finding a good property management company, you can ensure that your residents will…

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Houston Property Management Do’s & Don’ts

As a property manager, how would you score if your employees and residents gave you a review? Would they want to learn from your success, or would your management style be an example to avoid? Knowing what practices to keep are integral to becoming a leader in the Houston property management…

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4 Common Myths About Real Estate Agents

If you’re shopping for a new property, chances are that you’ll spend at least some time talking with a real estate agent. But do you really understand what they’re there to help you with? Real estate agent myths are remarkably common and confusing to anyone just trying to figure things out. Start…

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