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Category: Multifamily Property Management

Is Student Housing a Good Investment?

You might be wondering, “is student housing a good investment?” A straightforward answer is yes. Student housing is one of the most profitable and reliable investments in the real estate sector. The demand for student housing is usually high, especially at the start of every school year, when every…

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How to Deal with Difficult Tenants

If you lease a portion of your property, chances are you’ve experienced a bad tenant. From being unable to pay rent to causing wear and tear, problem tenants are a reality of any multifamily or commercial property. As a property owner, it’s important for you to know how to appropriately deal with…

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Multifamily Property Management: What to Expect

Having trouble staying on top of your multi-unit residential property? Whether you own an apartment complex, a senior living community, or a student housing center, there’s always plenty to keep track of.  Although similar to other types of property management, multifamily property management…

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Perform a Background Check on Your Landlord Before You Rent

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment or other residential property knows there are plenty of hoops to jump through. From utility arrangements to proof of income, you have to provide the landlord with a good deal of information. However, an application is a two-way street of communication, or at…

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Dealing with Rental Problems as a Tenant

No rental property is perfect, and before you rent, it’s absolutely crucial to know who is responsible for what. Obviously, you’ll be paying rent, but who maintains the property? Who is responsible for repairs or major issues? Before you sign a lease, talk to your future landlord about who’s…

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4 Steps to Running a Safe Residential Community

As a property manager, your job is to cultivate a safe, thriving environment for your tenants. This is particularly true if you manage a residential property such as an apartment complex. For property management, safety is an important concern to keep in mind. As a residential property manager,…

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