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Category: Construction Management

10 Ways to Stay Sane During a Renovation

Commercial renovations can be time-consuming, require a lot of decision-making, and disrupt any business’s sense of normalcy. When the phases of your renovation are postponed and unexpected problems appear, staying sane is essential. Take a look at some of our best tips when preparing for your next…

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Start Effectively Managing Large Construction Projects

In the life of a commercial property, major remodeling or renovation projects are expected and in certain cases, greatly encouraged. Whether you’re sprucing up an older building or providing more amenities to your tenants, renovating a space can greatly increase your property value. As a property…

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How to Plan for Commercial Renovation Costs

When you decide to remodel or upgrade your commercial building, you may wonder how much time and money you’ll need to account for. While the ultimate cost will be determined by the nature of your project and property requirements, there are certain factors for you to consider. By understanding the…

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Top 5 Keys to Renovating an Old Building

As a property manager, you’ll sometimes have to deal with buildings that need extra maintenance or improvement. Maybe they were abandoned or neglected, or maybe you just want to update them. Whatever the case, there are several important steps to keep in mind as you plan to rework your new…

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What to Expect During Construction Management

A typical property management job consists of quality control, enforcing a schedule, budgeting time and money, and more. As a facet of the overall job, property construction management is a slightly more specialized career. While construction managers perform many of the same tasks as general…

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When to Outsource Construction Management Services

When you own a commercial real estate investment, it is inevitable that there will be renovations and upgrades at times. This brings up the question of whether it is best to hire an outside construction management team or handle it yourself. Have a large renovation on your commercial property to be…

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