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Category: Senior Living Property Management

What to Expect in Property Management for Student Housing

Student housing is a booming business, primarily for colleges all over the country. When choosing a management company for student housing, time is of the essence for residents to be moved in and settled in time for the school year or semester to begin. What should you plan for when making the…

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What to Look for in Senior Living Property Management Services

Are you in charge of selecting the best property management team for your senior living facility? You’re going to want to consider many factors before you make your final decision. Where should you begin? Do your research. Look up past and current properties your candidates are managing, ask…

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3 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Senior Care Facility

Senior living communities face unique challenges compared to other multifamily properties. Marketing, leasing and managing these facilities takes expert care, a compassionate approach and an understanding of the nuances of elder care. Has your senior care facility faced a slump in recent years or…

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How to Manage a Senior Property

How to Manage a Senior Property How to Manage a Senior Living Property Do you have what it takes to effectively manage a senior living property?  In a business where things change at the drop of a hat, it is important to remember the simplest parts of running a senior living…

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